Effective communication between underwriter and applicant

Posted by Jack Cotlar, M.D. on Tue, Sep 20, 2011 @ 11:18 AM

describe the imageEffective client communication is one of the most overlooked ways to compete in today’s life insurance marketplace. Producers are not only interested in compensation and product, but they are also looking for a “home” where they can comfortably function. The differentiating factor among life insurance underwriting shops is communication. A carrier underwriter’s traditional approach to communication is vastly different compared to a more direct and informative method to which a carrier’s concierge team’s “hands-on” approach. A carrier who is looking for an underused solution to an old problem (case wastage) or a high-end producer who wants to know the questions to ask when he or she is being courted by insurance carriers, then take a look at the complete article: “Bridging the Underwriter and the Applicant

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