Dr. Jack Cotlar has eighteen years of experience working with general agents, independent marketing organizations (IMOs), brokerages, direct and reinsurance carriers. Working with producers in the high-end market, he has much experience in the substandard market, older age (70-90 years old) market and large face amount market. Additionally, as a medical director, his experience also includes corporate life insurance medical underwriting and claims review.

Dr. Cotlar is board certified in internal medicine and he practiced general internal medicine from 1980 through 1995. Until 2004 he served on a part time basis as a faculty staff member for the Indiana University – Methodist Hospital internal medicine residency program.

His insurance medicine experience began in 1993 when Dr. Cotlar became the Medical Director of Indianapolis Life Insurance Company, which later became part of the AmerUs Life Insurance Group and later, AVIVA USA. As the corporate Medical Director and VP, he became active in both the American Academy of Insurance Medicine (AAIM) and the American Council of Life Insurance (ACLI). Dr. Cotlar has been on the faculty of AAIM’s Triennial Insurance Medicine Review Course twice over recent years. He continues being active in the education arm of AAIM. In April 2007, Dr. Cotlar began his consulting business by forming Strategic Medical Consulting, Inc. (“SMC”). Working with Dr. Cotlar, producers have enjoyed much success in getting their cases issued more successfully and quicker due to improved field underwriting and expertise.

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