Comprehensive Referral Service | Underwriting consulting for the life insurance producer

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The Comprehensive Referral Service provides the producer a very thorough case analysis of his/her complex cases, which is common in the high-end market. Careful field underwriting is critical. Your underwriting advice comes from a medical expert. All available data such as medical records, insurance exams, insurance EKG and/or stress tests and any other relevant information are reviewed and analyzed from a medical underwriting perspective. Prior to formal or informal case submission, the producer will be equipped with the knowledge of what the rating might be and what medical underwriting issues might need to be addressed and how to do so. In addition, a medically sound and credible case summary is provided to the producer, which he can provide to his life insurance carrier(s). >>> The Comprehensive Service has a successful track record. Go here to find out why.

>>>SMC will assist the producer and/or the office staff in managing the case’s medical underwriting. To engage SMC for this service, GO HERE

Strategic Medical Consulting’s (SMC) Comprehensive Referral Service includes all of the Express Referral services and any of the following:

  • SMC can conference call with producers before application
  • SMC will review and summarize all medical underwriting information provided
    • Application/Insurance exam/Insurance lab/Insurance EKG
    • Insurance exercise stress test
    • Insurance breathing testing (Forced vital capacity)
    • Assistance in creating a proper “quick quote”
    • Assistance in reviewing your cover letters and making recommendations
    • Medical record (APS) information
      • Office notes, letters and consultation reports
      • Medical record (APS) test results
        • EKGs
        • Exercise stress tests including nuclear stress testing and echo stress testing
        • Pathology reports
        • Lab reports
        • Imaging reports (x-ray, CT scan, MRI scans, etc.)
      • SMC will provide case summaries for the producers in 2 parts
        • Part I: WORKSHEET SUMMARY: This is a working case summary that includes all summaries of the physicians’ records (APSs), tests results, SMC’s rating projection, cover letter suggestions, strategic planning (action plan), and communications (phone calls and emails).
        • Part II: MEDICAL UNDERWRITING SUMMARY: This is an updated version of the worksheet summary that is created after all additional medical information has been gathered by the producer and analyzed by SMC. The producer can provide this document to his life insurance carrier(s).
      • SMC may communicate directly with the client’s physician when necessary
      • SMC knows the meaning and importance of time urgency and will avail itself to the producer and the staff personnel in a timely manner

Accessibility is during workdays (Monday-Friday) and during business hours (8:30 am – 5pm ET), other than holidays. To begin the engagement process, please click here: Engagement Process