Living Medical Records for Patients

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Strategic Medical Consulting designs and creates personal medical records in a format appropriate to the client. There is no “one size fits all ” template to accomplish this. Based upon the medical condition(s) and the individual‘s set of medical circumstances, the format and content will vary. Today more then ever it is paramount to secure copies of all reports and medical tests results. Taking it one step further, it is advantages to use this information and create a succinct medical summary that provides the right information for all physicians who are part of the same team but may be working in different health care systems. This task is best done by a physician with a clinical medicine background who would be your medical expert consultant. Some of today’s many challenges and realities are …

  • Having a patient advocate
  • Being a care giver to a family member or friend who has complicated medical problems
  • Inadequate communication among medical specialists and between patient and physician
  • Medication errors in the medical or clinical records due to multiple prescribing physicians
  • Lack of time that the physician who is rendering the initial (or second) opinion has to thoroughly review, sort through and digest hundreds of pages of medical data
  • Errors made due to oversights of critical bits of information buried in the medical records
  • Having to go to an emergency room and not being able to recall important past historical facts that the attending physician needs in order to assess and treat the current problem(s)
  • Testing and appointment follow ups are often confusing to the patient
  • Redundancy of expensive testing, because the results of the initial test often gets buried in records

Services provided: Strategic Medical Consulting provides the client with an organized medical summary of the records (office notes, consultation notes and all test results) tailored to the types of medical conditions he or she has. The client can easily update the document on an ongoing basis, or SMC can provide this service if the client wishes. SMC does not provide medical advice, and it is understood that this service does not form a doctor-patient relationship.

To learn more about this service, please contact SMC directly: or you can call me directly at 317-536-2603