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Case 1:

61 y/o non smoking male. SMC reviewed all of the medical records, and then discussed the case summary with the producer. Among the listed diagnoses in the medical records were “hypertension”, atrial fibrillation and congestive heart failure. The last two problems are significant underwriting issues. All three of these were not correct diagnoses! Read more about case outcome.

Case 2:

The proposed insured is a 54 y/o lady, nonsmoker. SMC review of the medical records and noted that the most recent office visit disclosed that she was anemic (her hemoglobin was 10.9) and that she was advised to schedule a colonoscopy. SMC advised the producer that the case, as it presently stands would likely be declined or postponed, and the case should not be submitted until these issues were resolved. Read more about case outcome.

Case 3:

It is December 29th, and the case is hung up in underwriting because of there being a lack of information about a thyroid condition. It appears that the carrier might request another APS (attending physician’s statement), or at the very least, the decision might not occur until after the New Year. SMC is asked to intervene. Read more about case outcome.

Case 4:

The applicant is a 79 y/o male applying for a large amount of life insurance; he had a number of medical problems, any one of which could create underwriting concerns. SMC was asked to see the case. After reviewing all of the medical information, SMC presented the medical data to the carrier in a fashion that allowed the underwriter to get an accurate picture of each “impairment” and clearly see the favorable attributes of the different medical problems. Read more about case outcome.

Case 5:

79 y/o physician applies for a substantial amount of life insurance (survivorship coverage). His diagnoses include diabetes, hypertension and elevated lipids (body fats). Although he is under treatment, he is his own doctor (he had no personal physician). Read more about case outcome.

Case 6:

65 y/o lady has a very complex medical history. It included an unusual type lung tumor that was resected in 1995, an adrenal tumor resected in 2005, a stroke as a complication of one of her surgeries, a thyroid nodule, and a congenital heart condition. The potential for adverse underwriting decisions was very high. Read more about case outcome.