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Since April 2007, Strategic Medical Consulting (SMC) has offered comprehensive services to life insurance producers and their staffs functioning as a life insurance underwriting consultant. After the producer provides the health records and any other necessary documents to Strategic Medical Consulting, Dr. Cotlar will carefully assess the case from a life insurance medical underwriting perspective and provide guidance to the producer and his or her staff in preparing the case for submission to the insurance carrier. By minimizing the chances of overlooking important medical underwriting problems there will be fewer “surprises”, so the case is more likely to be issued quicker and with a more favorable underwriting result. All of the information the producer and carrier need are expertly written in a medical case summary. In those situations where the case has already been submitted, and the underwriting decision was unfavorable, Dr. Cotlar will assist the producer in doing what is appropriate to “salvage” the case. To see case examples, click here.

The underwriting consulting fee is an hourly charge unless there is an established contract. SMC provides two levels of service for the producer.

Express Referral Service

Comprehensive Referral Service

As an experienced medical director, Dr. Cotlar also provides life insurance carriers services of a life insurance medical underwriting consultant. The services include but are not limited to:

  • Assisting underwriters with their case reviews
  • Providing the underwriting department with diagnostic testing interpretation such as EKGs and exercise stress tests
  • Teaching
  • Developing underwriting requirements and internal underwriting guidelines
  • Insurance claims review

As an experienced internist, Dr. Cotlar also provides a service of collating individuals’ medical records from different physicians and hospitals into a single document. This can enhance coordination of health services among multiple physicians and multiple medical facilities. Dr. Cotlar does not render medical opinions nor does this service establish a patient-physician relationship.