Express Referral Service | Underwriting consulting for the life insurance producer

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The Express Referral Service provides the producer very quick responses to his/her questions about field underwriting concerns, economically. Your underwriting advice comes from a medical expert. Examples include:

  • Answering questions about current and pre-existing medical conditions and medications (from a medical underwriting perspective) - the insurance producer will be able to ascertain better whether or not any of these conditions or medications will affect the underwriting decision, i.e. the case rating.
  • Providing interpretations of tests such as pulmonary function studies (breathing tests), sleep apnea tests, EKGs (heart tracings), blood test results and exercise treadmill testing – in addition to medical conditions, knowing the underwriting significance about test results in the health records, prior to case submission, allows the producer to better control the case.
  • Reviewing cover letters – knowing what the carrier’s underwriter is looking for and speaking the same language allows the producer to connect more effectively with that underwriter who will be making the decision that may decide whether or not the case gets placed.  The cover letter can make or break a case. Having a well-crafted one is critical to medical underwriting and the overall success of case placement.
  • Reviewing content of “quick quote” emails – Often the underwriter needs only a few key facts about the pre-existing or current medical condition in order to give the life insurance producer a “quick quote” response that is accurate. The problem is that the producer may be unaware of what the underwriter feels is important and what is not. Your underwriting consultant provides the producer with this valuable service.
  • There are numerous other questions that come up in field underwriting that could impact whether your case flies. The Express Service provided by and underwriting expert is there to answer your question.

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