Life Insurance Carrier Services

Dr. Jack Cotlar‘s 17 years of experience of serving as a medical director for direct life insurance companies and more recently, as a Consulting Medical Director for a reinsurance carrier has given him insight into how to bridge the producer with the underwriting shop. His day-to-day work included EKG/treadmill interpretation, medical underwriting, providing educational in-service and one-on-one instruction for underwriters, death claims analysis, and helping to establish internal underwriting policy. He has also worked closely with life insurance companies’ marketing, legal, actuary, and claims departments. Also included in his role, as VP and Medical Director, was strategic planning on a corporate level.

Either for a fixed number of hours per week, or filling in when your medical director is on vacation or has a temporary leave of absence, some of SMC’s services could include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Case referrals from underwriters
  • EKG and treadmill interpretation
  • Teaching underwriters
  • Contestable claims analysis
  • Developing internal underwriting guidelines
  • Develop and/or deliver a marketing strategy with an emphasis on field underwriting

For further inquiry, please call (317-356-2603) or email Dr. Cotlar at