Case 4

The applicant is a 79 y/o male applying for a large amount of life insurance; he had a number of medical problems, any one of which could create underwriting concerns. SMC was asked to see the case. After reviewing all of the medical information, SMC presented the medical data to the carrier in a fashion that allowed the underwriter to get an accurate picture of each “impairment” and clearly see the favorable attributes of the different medical problems.

The case synopsis ended with: “In sum, the proposed insured is a 79 y/o man who has some vascular disease and risk factors (mild diabetes, LVH, thickened intima and plaguing on carotid ultrasound). But he has responded very well to aggressive treatment of his risk factors, and he has not required invasive cardiac diagnostic or therapeutic procedures. In addition, his lab and clinical picture suggest his being a physically active individual.” The impairment list that was part of the Medical Underwriting Summary provided the underwriter details for each medical problem. The underwriter could clearly see that the problems had many favorable characteristics, so a better offer could be justified. The case was issued standard.