Case 3

It is December 29th, and the case is hung up in underwriting because of there being a lack of information about a thyroid condition. It appears that the carrier might request another APS (attending physician’s statement), or at the very least, the decision might not occur until after the New Year. SMC is asked to intervene.

To expedite, the physician-applicant, tries to clarify her condition in an email. The producer sends SMC the physician’s email to review, along with the other relevant information about the case. SMC reviewed the email and felt it raised additional questions for the underwriter. SMC suggested to the proposed insured that that she make her answers to the underwriter‘s questions were clearer, and that she defines some of the medical terms in the email. After the email message was revised, it was sent to the underwriter the morning of the 31st. At 12:57 PM on December 31, the producer received the following email from the carrier’s underwriter, “Happy New Year, This case was approved pref nt.”